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Agaricus (Brazilian mushroom), which is called God’s mushroom by traditional nations. It cotnains an optimum amount of polysaccharides, glutamate complexes, campestrins and other bioactive substances.

Why is 30% polysaccharides an optimal concentration in our Agaricus? More info
Tested in the German Agrolab.

Our Agaricus is grown on organic substrate. This substrate is based on organic straw, natural fertiliser, wheat bran, organic crushed maize, natural gypsum and chalk. The part of the mushroom we use is fruitbody. 

We import the mushroom raw material we use for production of our MycoMedica products from China, from locations that have ideal climate and conditions for growth. We took the advice of our German partner who uses the same mushroom´s raw material from the same locations. Thanks to well-chosen growers, they sell their products on the German market for more than 40 years. And that is our inspiration. The Czech customer deserves the same quality.


Ideal composition, maximum strength and efficacy

Agaricus (Brazilian mushroom, Agaricus blazei Murill, Agaricus brasiliensis) was discovered by “Western” society in Piedele, which is a small viilage in the mountains of Sao Paulo region in Brazil. Local inhabitants were surprisingly long-living and healthy even in old ages. These people often used to eat Agaricus − “Mushroom from God”. About Agaricus and links between the condition of the natives and consummation of this mushroom was investigated by Dr. Furumoto in 1960’s, who sent Agaricus for research in Japan.

Thanks to biofermentation and subsequent processing with the method of hot-water extraction , we offer high-quality extracts from Agaricus in the ideal active substances ratio for the best results:

  • minimum 30 % polysaccharides (33-34 % in reality)
Package Content: 90 capsules at 500mg extract – in gelatin or vegetable capsules (vegetable capsules are also suitable for vegans)
Weight Content: 55,8g
Composition in 1 capsule:
Agaricus, Agaricus blazei Murill, 100% pure extract – 500mg
excipients: no excipients, additives and preservatives

About Agaricus

Nowadays, Agaricus is a widespread and a popular mushroom not only in the culinary industry. It contains a large number of bioactive substances such as vitamins, minerals, and mainly polysaccharides – beta glucans, Krestin, glucomannans, ergosterols and sodium pyroglutamate, etc. Products, which are manufactured from it, are often used in clinical studies. The concentration of polysaccharides in the extract is also important.  

Agaricus blazei Murill supports natural defences of the organism and regulates the immune system. Scientists, who compared the activity of fungal polysaccharide molecules, found out that – of all mushrooms – Agaricus molecules are themost active oneswith regard to the immune system. Therefore, we recommend continuous use of Agaricus for 1-2 months at the most, so as to avoid “fatigue” of the immune system.

You can find more information about effects of Agaricus at Mushroom Collection or in the section Effects.

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