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Auricularia (Judas’ ear, jelly ear) is valued in Chinese medicine for abroad spectrum of effectsstrong>on the human body. It’s rich in minerals, vitamins,  polysaccharides and among others things, it’s a source of antioxidant melanin.
Why is 30% polysaccharides an optimal concentration in our Auricularia? More info
Tested in the German Agrolab.

Our Auricularia is grown on organic substrate. This substrate is based on an organic mixture of sawdust, organic wheat bran, cane sugar and natural gypsum. The part of the mushroom we use is fruitbody. 

We import the mushroom raw material we use for production of our MycoMedica products from China, from locations that have ideal climate and conditions for growth. We took the advice of our German partner who uses the same mushroom´s raw material from the same locations. Thanks to well-chosen growers, they sell their products on the German market for more than 40 years. And that is our inspiration. The Czech customer deserves the same quality.


Ideal composition, maximum strength and efficacy

Auricularia  is valued for a wide range of effects.  Auricularia contains a great amount of minerals, vitamins, polysaccharides‒ beta glucans and fibre. It’s also a source of essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant melanin, and many other substances.

Thanks to biofermentation and subsequent processing with the method of hot-water extraction, we offer high-quality extracts from auricularia in the ideal active substances ratio for the best results:

  • minimum 30 % polysaccharides (33-34 % in reality)
Package Content: 90 capsules at 500mg extract – in vegetable capsules (vegetable capsules are also suitable for vegans)
Weight content: 55,8g
Composition in 1 capsule:
Auricularia, Auricularia polytricha, 100% pure extract – 500mg
excipients: no excipients, additives and preservatives


About Auricularia

Auricularia (Auricularia polytricha) is a mushroom growing on tree trunks, it’s most often found on the European elder. Its sporocarps have a size of up to 10 cm, they are flexible and pliable, resembling an ear bolt (it’s called jelly ear fungus in English) and their colour is most often red-brown. You can also find Auricularia in Czech forests, usually from March to December. Auricularia is an important part of Asian cuisine, thanks to its appearance and consistency. Up to 500,000 tons are grown in Asia.

You can find more information about effects of Auricularia at Mushroom Collection or in the section Effects.

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