Chlorella BIO ταμπλέτες 250mg


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Our BIO CHLORELLA comes from Hainan Island, located in the South China Sea. Due to its tropical character, this sunny location is often nicknamed Chinese Hawaii. The industrially untouched landscape, high-purity air, long-lasting sunshine and mineral-rich water provides optimal conditions for growing high-quality raw materials.

logo-bio-produkt-ezChlorella pyrenoidosa is a freshwater algae rich in biologically active ingredients – vitamins, minerals, essential unsaturated fatty acids, but especially the green dye – chlorophyll.Chlorophyll promotes red blood cell production, ensuring optimal oxygenation and nutrition of cells. It improves the metabolism of cells in the body, and therefore, overall physical and mental condition.

Ingredients contained in chlorella can bind waste materials that are produced in the metabolism and promote better digestion. They supply the body with effective antioxidants and neutralise the pH in the body.Thanks to its high fibre content it helps to clean the intestines, so it’s popular for cleansing treatments and reduction diets. Chlorella is a very important source of protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron, which are especially appreciated by vegetarians.

Using Chlorella in the long-term has a positive effect on overall vitality. It helps to increase energy and helps fight exhaustion and fatigue.

Our BIO CHLORELLA contains 100% Chlorella pyrenoidosa algae, which is processed by the shellbroken method, which breaks the cell envelope to enable the body to use all the active ingredients.

Package contents: 1,200 tablets – 250 mg (weight 300g) 

Vitality – energy – tonus
Immunity – energy
Natural defences
Normal functions of the intestinal tract
Microbial balance of the intestines
Normal liver activity
Normal operation of the heart and blood vessels

The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are our highest priority. All of our products are regularly tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other substances that burden the human body. This product also meets the criteria for BIO, HALAL and KOŠER.
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