MycoClean σκόνη για ρόφημα 99g


An effective combination of Job’s tears, lemon tree, lotus seeds and Maitake mushroom for easy preparation of a beverage for strengthening of the spleen system and overall detoxification. Add to your healthy breakfast.


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MycoClean is a balanced combination of mushroom and herbal extracts, designed for present-day humans’ problems, which is based on the deep wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. This combination strengthens the “spleen” (Chinese synonym for digestion) and thereby strengthens the energy Qi of the entire body, drains moisture and mucus from the organism , detoxifies the organism, harmonises the psyche, strengthens SHEN (kidneys) and FEI (lungs).

So what exactly weakens PI (spleen)?

It’s irregular meals, overeating, lack of quality food, unilateral food selection, excessive consumption of sugar, dairy products and white flour. Also excessive thinking and lack of movement.

Breakfast is important for the spleen. If we manage to “start” digestion in the morning, it will work throughout the day. Chinese dietetics recommends that the breakfast be warm. Cereal porridge or soups are ideal, whereas yogurts, sweets (fast sugars) or raw fruits aren’t suitable.

MycoClean , as part of a healthy breakfast, will help us both strengthen the PI (spleen) and cleanse the entire organism.

The dominant part of the mixture isadlay or Job’s-tears. Adlay is excellent for strengthening of the spleen system and draining moisture from the organism. It can cleanse the organism from various harmful substances and toxins.

The second component of the mixture is Indian lotus seed, which – together with adlay – also strengthens the PI (spleen) and harmonises excretion. Its important function is strengthening the SHEN (kidneys) and their essence. Adlay weakens the SHEN (kidneys) in the case of long-term use. Its third function is harmonisation of the psyche and therefore, it’s suitable for severe stress…

The third component isFo Shou, which is a kind of lemon tree called Buddha’s hand, which regulates liver energy Qi, often stagnated from excessive or unexpressed emotions, supports digestion,strengthens the spleen and transforms TAN (mucus).

The last but important part of the mixture is a medicinal mushroom Maitake or Grifola frondosa). This mushroom is able to regulate PI/WEI/GAN (i.e. insulin resistance), and so it’s used for metabolic problems. It’s often used together with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Thanks to these features it’s suitable as a complement to any healthy breakfast.

From the Chinese medicine point of view:

  • strengthens the Qi of the PI (spleen) and the WEI (stomach)
  • harmonises the liver Qi
  • strengthens the SHEN (kidneys) and their essence
  • drains moisture and harmful substances
  • transforms TAN (mucus)
  • it has the An Shen function (harmonises the psyche)

To boost the immune system, you can do a lot of it yourself, especially by adjusting your eating habits.

Package contents: 99g powder (30 doses), dosage teaspoon

Composition in 1 batch:
Grifola frondosa, 30% extract – 150mg
Yi Yi Ren,
Coix lacrymaseed extract 5:1 – 2100mg
Lian Zi,
Nelumbo nuciferaseed extract 5:1 – 900mg
Fo Shou,
Citri sarcodactylisfetal extract 5:1 – 150mg
excipients: no excipients, additives and preservatives

You can find more information at Mushroom Collection or in the section Effects.

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Γκριφόλα (Maitake)

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Yi Yi Ren




Ανοσολογική Υποστήριξη, Ομορφιά & Βάρος




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