MycoMedica Auricularia sušená 100 gramů


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Dried auricularia (jelly ear) is suitable for gastronomic use. It contains active substances in a natural proportion of the source mushroom.

Our Auricularia is grown on organic substrate. This substrate is based on an organic mixture of sawdust, organic wheat bran, cane sugar and natural gypsum. The part of the mushroom we use is fruitbody. 

We import the mushroom raw material we use for production of our MycoMedica products from China, from locations that have ideal climate and conditions for growth. We took the advice of our German partner who uses the same mushroom´s raw material from the same locations. Thanks to well-chosen growers, they sell their products on the German market for more than 40 years. And that is our inspiration. The Czech customer deserves the same quality.


Jelly ear

  • entire dried sporocarps
  • for gastronomic use
  • high 1.3/1.6 betaglucan content
  • the highest quality
  • controlled cultivation
  • hand-picked
Package contents: 100g
Package weight: 100g
Auricularia is also very tasty and  it’ss used in salads, soups, risotto, and it’s an excellent side dish for meat.

You can view tasty recipes here.

You can find more information about effects of Auricularia at Mushroom Collection or in the section Effects.




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