MycoMedica γυναικείο t-shirt


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‘We love mushrooms’ for all die-hard fans of vital mushrooms. The T-shirt is made of eco-friendly and organic cotton and is printed in a simple design in elegant pastel colours. Ideal for sports and leisure or meeting friends to inspire them.


GOTS certification

T-shirts are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It’s an international certificate that pursues strict environmental and social responsibility criteria throughout the supply chain – from source material cultivation, through textile processing at all stages, packaging to distribution and printing. It ensures not only strict production control from an ecological viewpoint, but also compliance with the ethical aspects of production in accordance with Fair Trade. Therefore, it is clearly and best choice when looking for quality and transparency in all aspects of production.

More information

Print: Front with mushroom motif in pastel colours, back side with neck inscription ‘We love mushrooms’ in orange
Materiel: 100% organic COTTON
GOTS certification: Certified by Soil Association. Licence No: DK25671
Maximum washing machine temperature: 40 °C, preferably inside out

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