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Reishi (ganoderma or lingzhi mushroom) is one of the  most used medicinal mushrooms. It has been used for its vitalising effects in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Choose the ideal ratio of polysaccharides, triterpenes and other bioactive substances for the best results. Learn more about growing our quality reishi in the article from our expedition to China. To the land where this Queen of Mushrooms comes from. Reishi is used in Chinese medicine to support vitality and defenses. It has significant adaptogenic effects.

Reishi with 50% polysaccharides and guaranteed 20% minimum content of β-1.3/1.6 D-glucans. Compared to Reishi with 30% polysaccharides, it’s more appropriate for more acute conditions. Tested in the German Agrolab.

Our Reishi is grown on organic substrate. The basis of this substrate is the oak massif.The part of the mushroom we use is fruitbody.

We import the mushroom raw material we use for production of our MycoMedica products from China, from locations that have ideal climate and conditions for growth. We took the advice of our German partner who uses the same mushroom´s raw material from the same locations. Thanks to well-chosen growers, they sell their products on the German market for more than 40 years. And that is our inspiration. The Czech customer deserves the same quality.
You can also order our products by phone from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm +420 739 454 915.

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Ideal composition, maximum strength and efficacy

Reishi (lingzhi mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most valuable mushrooms in traditional Chinese medicine. Translated,  it means”divine mushroom of immortality”. Its effects have been used for more than 4,000 years.

We’re the only manufacturers that offer Reishi with such a high guaranteed concentration of active substances for the best results:

  • minimum 50 % polysaccharides (53–54% in reality)
  • minimum 20 % β-1.3/1.6 D-glucans

Reishi with 50% polysaccharides and 20% β-1.3/1.6 D-glucans is more effective in boosting your immunity. Therefore it’s more suitable for more acute conditions. Reishi with 30% polysaccharides and containing a wide range of active substances is better in cases of chronic conditions.

Package contents: 90 capsules at 500mg of the extract – in vegetable capsules (vegetable capsules are even suitable for vegans)
Package weight: 55,8g
Composition in 1 capsule:
Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum, 100% pure extract – 500mg
excipients: no excipients, additives and preservatives

About Reishi

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum, lingzhi mushroom) is a wood-decaying mushroom from the Polyporaceae family. We mostly find it on trunks of dead trees or stumps. Its sporocarps are semi-circular and usually have the diameter of 6−12 cm and they have a glossy lacquer layer, from which the mushroom’s Czech name (lesklokorka) is derived.

Reishi (ganoderma) has its home in Asia where it’s also called the”divine mushroom of immortality”. It’s an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been using it for more than 4,000 years. Reishi (ganoderma) is also mentioned in the basic work of Chinese medicine, in the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor. It was so rare in those times that it was intended only for the emperor and his family. And it wasn’t only used in Chinese medicine, but also as a powerful talisman for happiness and protection from all evil. Monks in  Taoist monasteries used Reishi (ganoderma) before meditation, for its ability to soothe the soul of Shen. It’s also used by Russian astronauts or Sherpas in the high Himalayan altitudes for its ability to regenerate and activate functions of the organism.

Reishi can activate immune responses and it contributes to maintaining a healthycirculatory system. At the same time, it helps toreduce cholesterol levels naturally. Reishi contains many bioactive substances, which make it unique. Reishi, besides vitamins, minerals, also includes a great amount of polysaccharides, beta glucans, ganoderans, and also steroids, cyclic esters – lactones, triterpenes, including ganoderic acid or lanostans, etc. We use 6-9 months old sporocarps for our production, as the concentration of active ingredients is at its highest at this age. In older mushrooms, the concentration of active ingredients is gradually decreasing and the effect is less efficient. 


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